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Seminar: Internet Research in Global Transition

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Svitlana Matviyenko 

HANGZHOU—November 14 will see an online seminar jointly conducted by the College of Media and International Culture (CMIC) of Zhejiang University and the Consortium of Internet and Society at the Communication University of Zhejiang (CUZ). The seminar is titled Internet Research in Global Transition and will be emphasizing on the topic: Internet in the Post-American Era: Technology, Governance, and Geopolitics. Professors from around the world, including the US, the UK, Canada and Australia will be giving lessons online.

Highlighting on Internet evolution and governance in the midst of global transition, the seminar will center on the development and governance of information and communications technology in the “Post-American Era” and will probe into social and technological transformation, geopolitical reconstruction, institutional response, and normative debate.

Opening Remarks


Lu Wei

Zhejiang University

Keynote 1


Dwayne Winseck, Carleton University

Daya Thussu, Hong Kong Baptist University

Session 1:

Geopolitics and Social-technical Process 


Shinjoung Yeo

Queens College, City University of New York

l’Europe qui protègeThe Europe that protects) but for whom?

Lianrui JIa and Fan Liang

University of Toronto

The Globalization of China’s Digital Platforms

Jing Wang,

NYU Shanghai

China’s Blockchain Campaign

Session 2:

Cyberwar Topologies: In Struggle of A Post-American Internet


Kayla Hilstob 

Simon Fraser University

Confronting Convergence in ICE's Prison-Warehouse Duplex”

Niels ten Oever 

Texas A&M University and University of Amsterdam

How the Cloud Became a Fog: 5G And the Reconfiguration of Information Networks”

D. W. Kamish 

Simon Fraser University

The Black Panther Party's Post-American Infrastructures”

Anna Engelhardt 

Queen Mary University of London

Spectral Volumes of Russian Cyber Warfare”

Asia Bazdireva (Geocinema) & Solveig Seuss 

University of Applied Sciences & Arts Northewestern Switzerland / Geocinema

Environmental Machines, Datified Earths Synopsis”

Simon Fraser University

The Infrastructural Legacy of the Soviet Union and the Case of .su Domain”



Keynote 2


Thomas Pradip, The University of Queensland

Yi Shen, Fudan University 

Session 3:  

Norm and Governance 


Tao Fu

University of International Business and Economics

China’s AI Governance: Perspectives of Professionals, the Public and American Tech Media

Yue Cao

Fudan University

Technical metaphor and discourse practice of China’s internet

Qiong Zhou

Zhejiang University of Technology

Reconstructing international order in the internet era

Elisa Oreglia

King’s College London

Infrastructure, technology and values in the Digital Silk Road



Roundtable discussion


Chengyu Xiong 

Tsinghua University 

Baoguo Cui 

Tsinghua University 

Xingdong Fang 

the Consortium of Internet and Society at the Communication University of Zhejiang 

Yi Shen 

Fudan University 

Yu Hong

Zhejiang University 

Yuxiao Li 

Consortium of Cyberspace

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